A collection of testimonials that show the potential benefits of using Nikken technologies.
Please note that these technologies are NOT designed to heal or cure. Everybody is different – these technologies are designed simply to create an environment where the body is more able to create balance for itself.


More Energy with Magnetic Insoles

Caroline shares her experience of using Nikken’s magnetic insoles, mStrides, over the last 6 months and the noticeable difference she has felt – more sustained, consistent energy levels and more grounded.


Sleep, muscle soreness / recovery

Business owner, Mum and Cyclist, Lesley, shares her experience going from total skeptic to complete advocate of Nikken products. Helping her 11 year old son start sleeping, helping her joints and muscles after cycling…

2019 Wimbledon Champion



Ron shares his experience using Nikken’s KenkoGround and the impact on his sleep, chronic discomfort and inflammation.


Child Speech Improvements

Hear this couple’s story of their son, diagnosed with low functioning autism at the age of two and a half, and how Nikken has helped make noticeable improvements in speech in particular. They discovered Nikken when he was 12 years old and he is now classed with high functioning autism.

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