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Bringing Wellness Home

A Nikken Wellness Home introduces Nature into our everyday environment without needing major change to our daily habits.

Advanced technologies use science to replicate nature, creating a range of products to help maintain a connection with often overlooked aspects of nature:

  • EARTH – Magnetics and Grounding
  • AIR – Negative Ions
  • FIRE / Sunlight – Far Infrared
  • WATER – PiMag ‘Living’ water
We spend a third of our lives in bed, so why not create the optimum environment during those precious hours we spend asleep? Bring your sleep environment closer to Nature.
Our bodies are over 70% water so it makes sense that the quality and quantity of water that we drink everyday will impact our health and energy. Drink PiMag ‘Living’ water.

Magnetic energy is essential for the proper function of every organ and system in the body. Reconnect with the magnetic fields found in nature for additional support.

Indoor air is up to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air. Breathe easier with Kenko Air Filter that not only filters the air but also generates Negative Ions to bring us closer to nature.

Wellness Technologies

Science that Replicates Nature






Fire (Sunlight / Warmth)





Nikken was founded in 1975, in response to the changing modern world and its effect on our health and environment. Now, it is even more relevant and important

Help us share this vision to help people maintain healthier, more fulfilled lives by reconnecting with nature, while at the same time allowing us to continue to live and enjoy life in an increasingly technological society.

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