How to

Make a living

While Making an Impact

Turn your ability to help others into a business and lifestyle you love.

Earn a Living and Make an Impact in the world simply by sharing a Holistic Approach to Wellness, with Balance in 5 key areas:


A holistic approach to health, the unique Wellness Home concept is designed to optimise your living spaces for health and encourage a Healthy Body by staying connected to Nature.


We support and encourage your personal development journey for a Healthy Mind with a ‘Humans Beings More’ training programme.


With a philosophy of Freedom, we offer you the flexibility to choose when and where to spend your time and energy, encouraging balance in developing a Healthy Relationships as well as your business.


Share the philosophy of Life in Balance to make an impact in the world. Or create a successful business that enables you to contribute towards funding projects you are passionate about.


Franchise style, drop-shipping business opportunity with low investment, low risk or no risk. Commission based income with unlimited potential. Work your own hours and learn while you earn.

A Holistic Health Business

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Who are we?

This website is intended as a resource for Nikken consultants and those exploring Nikken as a possible option for themselves. It provides you with tools and support to help you in the following areas: products and technologies for active well-being, business development, and personal development. We hope you find what you’re looking for!

The Wellness Partnership